Jamaica Plain – Things to Do and See

Jamaica Plain colloquially referred to as the Eden of America is one of the most beautiful and distinct neighborhoods in Boston. It has a string of connected parks and other must-see sites all of which make Jamaica Plain an entertaining place to visit or live in. As a matter of fact, many guests coming to Jamaica Plain enjoy its many activities including walking, skiing, bicycle riding, and jogging in its beautiful surroundings.

In addition, there are lots of restaurants and shops and a brewery which you can tour in the area. If you love architecture, you will be spoilt for choice because this part of Boston has lots of historic buildings which are all within walking distance. Among the must-see locations in Jamaica Plain include:

Jamaica Pond Park

As its name suggest, this is a roughly circular pond which is surrounded by a well-kept and beautiful path. The community gathers around this park which is oftentimes a center for events from theater to outdoor concerts to the annual lantern parade.

According to history, Jamaica Pond came to be as a result of a kettle hall formed by the impact of a break away glacier. The pond is fed by natural springs and it was the first ever reservoir in America. To date, it is the largest water body in Boston.

The Arnold Arboretum

This is a beautifully manicured botanical garden measuring 265 acres. Botanists approximate that the arboretum contains approximately 14,000 woody plants, trees, and flowers drawn from all over the world particularly Asia. It was established in 1872 and happens to be the oldest University Botanical garden in America.

It is administered by the Boston Public Park system and Harvard University. In the arboretum, visitors can bike and do cross-country skiing 365 days a year free of charge.

The Franklin Park Zoo

This is the largest park and the crowning jewel of Franklin’s achievements in Boston. The zoo sits on a 527-acre countryside land with broad meadows and rolling hills. Apart from the zoo, the site also offers hiking tracks, picnicking, and for the golfers, there is an 18-hole public golf course. The zoo has a huge collection of more than 150 animals, a waterfowl pond, an outdoor bird aviary, as well as a wetland pond.

The Forest Hills Cemetery

This is arguably one of the most beautiful spots in Boston. It brings together a multitude of Victorian mausoleums and tombstones and sculptures done by famous artists. The cemetery is a resting place of some famous and interesting people such as Anne Sexton, Francis Cabot Lowell, Eugene O’Neill, and some Massachusetts governors.

Shops and Restaurants

Bed and breakfast guests in Jamaica Plain do not wander far on arrival because there are lots of interesting shops and restaurants. It doesn’t matter how complex your taste buds are, you will find a variety of ethnic foods that you will truly enjoy. JP Licks is famous here for its best ice cream and frozen yoghurt.

In addition to the above sites, there are others such as the Sam Adams Brewery, the Eliot School, the Footlight Club, and the Olmsted Park that you can’t leave Jamaica Plain without visiting.