A Chef’s Guide – Where to Eat in Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain is one of the neighborhoods in Boston that evokes a special kind of verdant gateway from the hustles and bustles of the towns in the north. Thanks to the idyllic Jamaica Pond and the Emerald Necklace system of parks, this place is a pleasant respite from the city.

The vibrant population of political activists, musicians, writers, and artists has made Jamaica Plain a unique and warm community. Also, the diverse Indie shops and boutiques have taken control of business from the big chain stores.

When it comes to dining, it is indisputable that Jamaica Plain has some of the finest dining and casual restaurants serving all sorts of ethnic and international cuisines. Some of the restaurants that you must visit for a fine dining experience, a quick bite, or a casual takeaway meal include:

JP Seafood Café

This is a value for money. As a matter of fact, no Jamaica Plain restaurant list would be complete without JP Seafood café. Initially, a small storefront stood where this café is currently located. In the recent past, they purchased additional space next to the café and expanded it into a modern bar with a large community table. The foods served here is excellent especially their sushi and sashimi, deep-fried green beans, mackerel nigari, and caterpillar roll. JP Seafood Café is located on 730 Center Street.

Wonder Spice Café

This is an excellent choice for both take out and eat in. They prepare a lot of stir noodle dishes such as drunken noodles and pad Thai One of their superfoods is called crispy fish which is simply super fried white fish pieces that are served with broccoli and green beans in a garlicky sauce.

Tres Gatos

Located on 470 Center Street, Tres Gatos has become a landmark for Spanish meals in the neighborhood. They serve carefully chosen wines and their food is delicious. Since Nevin Taylor took over the management of Tres Gatos, he has been doing a phenomenal job.

Some of the favorite finger-licking dishes served here include stewed pork with tomato and egg and lamb bocadillo served with cilantro salsa verde. They also have one of the best tortilla espanola in the entire neighborhood.

El Oriental de Cuba

As its name suggests, this is a Cuban restaurant located on 416 Center Street. They have great Cuban sandwich which is crisp and crunchy on the outside and on the inside, it has porky, hammy, and mustard.

Ula Café

This café is owned by Korinn Koslofsky and is located on 284 Amory Street. When you walk in here, you must taste her popovers, sandwiches, and pastries because they are out of this world. This joint always runs creative seasonal drink specials and their staffs are really kind. For the best bites in Boston, try Ula Café especially their breakfast sandwich; it’s unbelievable!

If you are a Scott or love traditional Scottish food, The Haven located on 2 Perkins Street is a must visit. Their scotch egg is also excellent.